If your publication captures the email address of a reader or uses employee login, the details will appear in the Recent Visitors and Most Visited panels.

Both panels will display the email address and the Most Visited panel also shows the total number of visits the reader has made.

You can capture email addresses using the following methods:

  • Basic Login
    The Basic Login security rule creates a dialogue box that loads before the publication can be viewed. It can be set to request an email address. Once the email address has been provided, the reader may view the issue. The email address provided must be a valid email address and will be fed into the reports for that issue.
  • Reader Login
    This more advanced security rule also loads before the publication. It requires that the reader provides and verifies an active email address. The reader is also asked to create their own password. The email address that they have used will be fed into the reports for that issue.
  • Single sign-on
    This security rule works by offloading the authentication of a reader to your single sign-on login screen, before redirecting them back to a PageTiger publication. The email address used on their single sign-on will be fed into the reports for that issue.
  • Competition modules
    Competition modules (survey, self-assessment quiz, multiple choice question, join our mailing list) all feature the option to include an email field. If this is supplied by the reader, their email address will be fed into the reporting. As the competition module can only be loaded partway through a visit, the email address will only be associated with interactions which take place after the reader has used the module. PageTiger does not retrospectively associate that email address with the visit.
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