The options below are available once you have selected Create Issue from the main menu or Manage Publication page.

Creating an issue from a TigerDesigner means that you are going to use our studio to create the pages before adding interactive content.

There are a number of design types available:

  • Layout/Presentation Library
    A design is created by adding content to Layout Library pages, and the appearance is controlled by a theme. You can use an interactive Layout Library template or choose from a selection of page layouts. Interactive Layout Library templates can also be chosen, which contain pre-set interactivity and a publication style that complements the document’s theme.
  • Editable templates
    A design is created using a pre-designed issue that is fully editable. You have access to Design mode, allowing you to manipulate the appearance and positioning of panels. Editable templates do not use themes, these settings are managed by you.
  • Blank design
    Start with a completely blank canvas and create pages by adding panels. 

Tiger Tip!
Save time by creating a template for recurring publications, such as a newsletter. Find out more here.

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