The embed in Facebook page option enables you to display your interactive document within a Facebook page.

Set up

Tick if you would like the most recent version in the document to open.

A Facebook 'page' is required for this option to work (it will not work for a personal Facebook account). If you do not yet have a Facebook page follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in and go to

  2. Click '+ Create Page' and select the type of page you want

  3. Choose a category that your page falls into and give the page a specific name

  4. Add a profile picture and share with friends (you can come back to these options at a later stage).


Once on your Facebook page:

  1. Search for 'Static HTML: iframe tabs' in the search bar

  2. Click 'Add Static HTML to a Page'. You will then be taken back to your page and a 'Welcome' tab will have been added next to your other tabs (Likes, Photos etc)

  3. To change your tab's name or image, hover over it, click the pencil icon then 'Edit Settings'

  4. Click on your new tab. This will take you to an editing area that asks for a 'content code'

  5. Paste the code into the 'Enter your content here' box

  6. Click 'Save Changes' then 'Preview' to view your embedded document within Facebook.

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