The image link option enables you to generate a clickable image to add to
your website.

Set up

  • Image Size
    Enter the size (in pixels) that you would like the image to be.

  • Tool Tip
    Specify the text that will display if you hover over the image.

  • Document Options
    Specify whether the image link will open the version in a new window or the current window.

  • Most Recent Version
    Tick if you would like the image link to open the most recent version in the document.

  • Tracking Token
    Affix a tracking token, such as an email address, to enrich reports.

When you are happy with your image link select the Refresh Preview to generate an up to date image.


A preview of the image link or the HTML code can be sent to an email address using the Email Preview and Email Code buttons. The HTML code can be pasted into your website page.

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