Your homepage is the first screen you see when you log in

Here’s what you can see:

  1. Main menu
    Allows you to create a new version, locate all of your versions, reports, and settings. You can also manage your account or logout.

  2. Latest versions
    Shows you the latest nine versions in the account. Each thumbnail lets you preview, manage, or open the design for the version (if it is unpublished).

  3. Latest versions paging
    Pages forwards and backward through your latest versions. There are always nine thumbnails per page

  4. TigerLabs
    Stay up to date with any changes to the system and read top tips in our interactive magazine!

  5. Folders and Tags
    Locate your versions quickly by looking at the documents in a folder or marked with a tag.

  6. Help bar
    View our online user guide, chat to us.

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