There are three types of links that can be used for a PageTiger document:

  • Publication link
    The publication link will always display the newest created issue within that publication. This link type allows you to embed or link to a publication regardless of issue. The latest issue can be changed to a completely separate issue, but there is no need to update the publication every time a new issue is published as the publication link updates automatically. The publication link uses the following syntax:

If there are no published issues within the publication, the publication link will display the following message: 'Oops! This content is currently unpublished

Issue links will not display an issue that is not published.

  • Temporary link
    A temporary link allows the issue to be viewed while unpublished. They last for a specified number numbers of days; after that time, they will no longer display the issue. Temporary links can be identified by their temp token, which is affixed on the end of the link. They are quite complicated, below is an example:
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