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Select My Account from the homepage followed by Subscriptions to view this page.

The subscription page allows you to view information about your subscription to use the PageTiger publishing system. You can upgrade, edit or cancel your subscription here.

In the subscriptions area you can find:

  • License type (e.g. User subscription)

  • Number of licenses purchased

  • Status and value of the subscription

  • Subscription period

Amending your subscription allows you to:

Upgrade/Downgrade - This option takes you through to the pricing page. Here you can add or remove users for your subscription.

Cancel subscription - A subscription can be cancelled at any time as long as it is not in the last 30 days of the subscription period and there is no balance outstanding on the account. 

  • Cancel at renewal - The subscription will be cancelled when the account comes up for renewal. All documents will be unpublished at the time of cancellation.

  • Cancel now - The subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect. All content will be immediately unpublished and unavailable to view.

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