Account types

  • Standard account
    Documents are created and stored in your PageTiger account along with reporting data and details of your purchases.

  • Child account
    A child account is created and managed by the main account. Child accounts have full access, but can be restricted by account owners.

License types

  • Account Owner
    The primary contact in your account is the account owner and they are the highest level user in the account. They manage users and child accounts associated with their main account and have access rights to delete documents. Account owners pay an annual subscription for their license to use PageTiger.

  • Full Access Users
    Charged an annual subscription, each user can log into their designated PageTiger account to create and distribute documents. They can delete versions that they have created.

  • Analysts
    Using a unique login, analysts can access reporting data either across an entire account or within a document folder.

  • TigerGenius Users
    An annual subscription for a single person to have unlimited access to the intuitive TigerGenius wizard to create and distribute bespoke digital documents from content shared by a full access user.


  • Licenses
    Annual subscriptions to use the PageTiger publishing system. These are the same cost for account owners and users. There are no limitations to what features can be used unless the account owners have specified otherwise.

  • Creative studio days
    PageTiger’s creative services are sold by the day. You can buy as many days as you wish as a one-off purchase or set up a rolling monthly subscription for creative time. If you have a specific project in mind, it is recommended that you get a quote from our creative team before purchasing creative time.

  • Training Tokens
    These can be used to redeem against TigerClass training sessions. Sessions either take place live in the classroom or remotely online. It’s recommended that all new users attend the Introduction to PageTiger class.

  • Content Tokens
    Tokens for purchasing media content from the Getty stock image library.

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