The Email Marketing option enables you to build and send your own email newsletter

Set up

  • Specify a title in the Heading text field, and select fonts and a background colour for your email using the drop-down lists.

  • The newsletter will default to show the first page of your version (this can be changed by selecting a page number from the Page column). You can change the text in the Title/Description column and add additional pages to display as items in your email. Select Refresh Preview to view how your email will look.


  • When you are happy with your newsletter you can send it to an email address using the Email Preview button. You can then forward the email onto your require contact list(s).

    Note: If the image(s) do not show when you receive the email please check your email settings.

  • It is also possible to distribute your email newsletter through dotMailer or MailChimp using the Output Format drop-down list. After you have selected an option, a further section will display for completion. Further information can be found here.

  • You can also email the HTML code or Text version of your email newsletter using the Email Code button.

Once you leave the email marketing page the email design you have created will be lost. Ensure you use the 'Email Preview' or 'Email Code' button to send the design before leaving the page.

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