This page is only available to the Account Owner.

It can be accessed by selecting My Account from the homepage followed by Settings. In this section, you can review and update the contact details for the account. It is important that this information is kept up to date.

There are a number of configurations available in this area:

  • Show developer tab
    Activate the developer tab feature for the entire account and all users.

  • Show API tab
    Activate the API page. This is only visible to the Account Owner.

  • Show CSV link import
    Allow a CSV file to be uploaded alongside a PDF to provide data for interactive links.

  • Disable search engines by default
    Make your document unavailable to search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) by default. This setting can be overridden by enabling search engines using a security rule set.

  • Show TigerGenius
    Tick to enable the TigerGenius feature for all users within this account.

A Password Management section is available to help increase the level of security for user accounts

  • Force password change
    If provided, each account user will be required to change their password after a set number of days. The minimum is 30 days.

  • Remember previous password
    If provided, the given number of previous passwords will be remembered and cannot be reused.

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