This page is only available to the Lead Administrator.

It can be accessed by selecting My Account from the homepage followed by Users.

The Users screen is divided into four areas and allows the Lead Administrator to manage the distribution of licenses within their subscription.


Shows how many licences are in use and how many are available to be allocated as Administrators on the main account or as separate child accounts.


Administrators are users that can log into this account. The summary of the users includes the email address used to log in, the account type (or role) and the status of this user. It will default to display active users but this can be altered using the filter.

Editing an Administrator allows you to do the following:

  • Change the email address used to log in
  • Change the account type/role
  • Change the status of the Administrators login (active, locked or deleted)
  • Generate a password reset
  • Restrict login by IP address
  • View failed login data

Child accounts

Child accounts are separate from the 'main’ account, however, the Lead Administrator for the parent account can allocate items to a child account, effectively sharing these with them.

Items that can be shared with a child account include:

  • Domains
  • Menus
  • Tags
  • Styles
  • Analytics
  • Security rules
  • Badges

The Lead Administrator can also see what is inside the child account by selecting Login. This is the same as being logged in to the child account. Selecting Edit allows the Lead Administrator to restrict what the child account is able to do.

 A Lead Administrator could share a particular security rule set that their company has approved. The Lead Administrator could then prevent the child account creating their own security rules to ensure these requirements are always met.

The credits area shows how many publications the child account is allowed to publish. If no credits have been assigned, then the child account is unable to publish anything.


Using a unique login, analysts can access reporting data either across an entire account, or within a publication group.


Authors have access to the TigerGenius wizard to create and distribute bespoke digital publications from content shared by an Administrator.

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