Create assessments, quizzes or surveys for your readers to complete! They will be presented with a series of radio button questions where each question must be closed answer and require an answer to be selected.

  • To begin select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity. 

  • Select the Assessment module category from the Interactivity Module palette. 

  • Choose from a Multiple choice question, Self assessment quiz or Survey (each module works in the same way, the different names are designed to demonstrate what they can be used for).

  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive.

  • The edit module properties box will then open.

Questions & Answers

Three questions are listed by default to help get you started, but you can add/delete as needed.

To begin, type in the question followed by the answers for your first question.

A breakdown of the area is provided below:

  1. Enter question name

  2. Enter answers

  3. Enter a score for the answer (this can be set as 0 if you are collecting opinions and don't require a score)

  4. Select if the answer is Incorrect, Neutral of Correct (this can be set as Neutral if you are collecting opinions)

  5. Select to delete an answer

  6. Select to add another answer

  7. Select to delete the question

  8. Select to enter the details for your next question (the question will expand)

  9. Select to add another question

  10. Save/Cancel your changes.

Full instructions for adding questions can be found here.


When an assessment module has been completed a results box will display. You may wish to use this box to thank the reader for completing the module, or if you are collecting a score, you may prefer to set up different results boxes to display based on the reader's score. This is done by adding more than one result.

A breakdown of this area is provided below:

  1. Title
    Give the result a concise and informative name, for example, 'Pass'.

  2. From/To Score
    From - The minimum score that must be achieved to see this result.
    To - The maximum score that can be achieved to see this result.

  3. Passed
    Select from Passed, Failed or Neutral. This is purely semantic information to enhance reporting.

  4. Award Badge
    Associate a badge or certificate with a quiz result. The badge is awarded if the reader meets the min-max score.

  5. Produce Certificate Content
    Add content here if a certificate can be awarded to the reader and they have placeholders to complete (for example - their 'department'). This uses the same editor as the More Information pop-up module. See this article to learn more about Certificates.

  6. Result Content
    Enter the content that you would like your reader to see if they achieve the result - for example, 'Congratulations, you have passed!'. This uses the same editor as the More Information pop-up module. Assessment modules use special text strings called tokens to display dynamic content. For example, placing [SCORE] in a result box will replace this string with the score achieved. Read this article to learn more about tokens.

  7. Select to delete a result.

  8. Select to add another result.

  9. Save/Cancel your changes.

Full instructions for adding results can be found here.


Select the Settings palette for the following options:

  • Title
    Give the module a concise and informative name.

  • Capture email
    Specify whether you require readers to enter their email address. The available values are:
    - No – Does not include the capture email field
    - Optional – Includes the email field but the answers can be submitted without an email address
    - Required – An email address must be provided for the answers to be submitted

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