A Style is set at publication level and will apply the settings to every issue in a publication. Different styles or publication settings cannot be applied to individual issues.

When you create a new style there are several tabs which can be selected to set various settings. 

  • Publication Size
  • Publication View
  • Toolbar
  • Background Settings
  • Page Turn Settings

Below is a breakdown of Publication Size.

Manage how your publication will be sized relative to the browser window.

  • Stretch to fit (for double page spread publications)
    If ticked, the publication will automatically scale to be as large as possible depending on the width and height of the browser window. If this option is deselected, the publication will be displayed at a fixed size. You are able to specify the width and the vertical/horizontal margins for your publication when fixed is set.
  • Single page stretch to fit
    Specify how single page publications should be sized, by default these will be a fixed width. There is also the option to select stretch to width (the publication fill the width of the window but the publication may scroll vertically), fixed width and height, or stretch to width and height (the publication size will adjust based on the size of the window).
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