The option below is available once you have selected Create Issue from the main menu or Manage Publication page.

A PDF  or PowerPoint file that has been created can be uploaded if you do not wish to use TigerDesigner to create the pages of your publication. PageTiger will automatically make web links and email addresses clickable unless otherwise specified.

  • Select Create Issue
  • Select Upload A File
  • Drag and drop or click to select your file
  • Complete the issue details (this is where your issue will 'live')

Tiger Tip!
If you wish to upload a PDF or PowerPoint file but also add elements using TigerDesigner, select Import Design from the manage screen for your issue. Please note: once this has been done the file can no longer be replaced with a new version.

For optimum performance, ensure that your file:

  • Is no larger than 200MB
  • Has an appropriate page size for screen, recommended dimensions are 550pt wide by 630pt high
  • Has pages that are the same size throughout. Varying page sizes can cause pages to stretch and distort
  • Is a reasonably small file size and an appropriate resolution for the screen. PDF files intended for print are often too large or use a font too small and are not suitable for the web
  • Has an even pagination. PageTiger requires issues to have an even pagination. Files with an odd number of pages can give unexpected results.
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