The final step to setting up certified learning is to assign it to the assessment that will award the certificate to your reader.

Navigate to the Manage screen of

your issue and select the Interactivity button.

Edit your assessment module and select the Results tab. You should have at least two results set up - one for a 'fail' score and one for a 'pass' score, which the certificate will be assigned to.

To assign the certificate, select it from the Award Badge drop-down list.

The Produce Certificate Content field is used to input the text that the reader will see if they have a placeholder(s) to complete. For example "Please complete the following fields to generate your certificate".

The Result Content field is used to input the text that the reader will see once they have completed their quiz. For example - "Congratulations! You have passed the Health & Safety training module".

Further information about assessment modules and setting up results can be found here.

Don't forget!
The publication containing the interactive quiz will require reader login or single sign-on to ensure the system can populate reader information and store their certificate. Read more about security rules.

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