Version and Document resources are files that are assets that you wish to include in the interactivity of your version or document. For example images, videos or a file for the reader to download.

To upload a resource

  • Select Manage for your version from the homepage, followed by the Interactivity button. 

  • Select the Inventory Manager icon from the left-hand menu, followed by Resources Manager. 

  • Select the required tab, followed by Upload Version Resources/Upload Document Resources.

  • Browse and find the file(s) you wish to add by selecting Add Files or drag and drop.

  • Select Upload Version/Document Resources.

Once you have uploaded a resource it will be available to use within the interactive modules of your version. For example, if you are using a Play video file in pop-up module, you can edit the module and select the video file from the Video Resource drop-down list.

If a resource is no longer required, it can be deleted from the inventory manager:

  • Open Inventory manager and select the required tab.

  • Select the bin icon to delete the unwanted resource. 

Version Resources tab
Resources that are available for the current version only.

Document Resources tab
Resources that are available to all versions within the document.

It might appear excessive to have two separate resources lists, but a document resource list could potentially become very long after a few versions.

Resource examples

The maximum filesize for a resource upload is 300MB.

  • Video files are uploaded as resources.

  • Forms and documents can be uploaded in PDF format.

  • Spreadsheets can be uploaded as XLS or XLSX files.

  • Images for pop-up boxes (More information modules) or an image gallery are uploaded as resources in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format.

  • Forms, documents and presentations can be uploaded as standard Word or PowerPoint files.

  • The Outlook Item MSG (. msg) file format can be uploaded and used within a 'Link to webpage' module. When the reader clicks the module the .msg file will be downloaded.


Different browsers may behave differently when downloading files. For example, when downloading a .msg file in Chrome the below message may display:

Your readers can still download the file by selecting 'Keep' if they wish to continue.

Top tip!
The resource URL can be copied by selecting the copy icon to the left of the link. 

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