Once you have added an assessment module, the edit module box will open and 3 questions will be listed by default to help get you started.

  • You can add or delete a question by selecting the Delete Question or Add Question button.

  • When you click on the title of a question it will expand ready for you to edit the question and answers.

  • 3 answers will be listed by default to help get you started. An answer can be added by selecting Add Answer. Or you may wish to delete an answer - this can be done by selecting the bin icon next to the answer.

  • Enter your question and answers in the fields shown below.

  • A score can be assigned to an answer:

A score is useful if you are creating a test that a reader can pass or fail. For example, set correct answers to 10 and incorrect answers to 0. (This can be set to 0 if you are collecting opinions and don't require a score).

  • You can also select if the answer is Incorrect, Neutral of Correct:

Select if the answer is Incorrect, Neutral of Correct from the drop-down list. (This can be set as Neutral if you are collecting opinions). In the reporting for the assessment, answers marked as incorrect will display as red, and those marked as correct will display as green.

Once you have added your questions and answers you are ready to add Results. Find out more about Results here.

Top tip!
If you have only added one question to your assessment, question numbers will not be shown.

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