Module URLs and JavaScript Commands are advanced interactivity and can be found in the module settings for selected modules under the Developer section. To access this section, select a module that you have added to your page followed by the Settings palette.

They can be used to automatically trigger a module or link to them, without the reader clicking on a glowing region on the page.

Both of the fields contain information that relates to the precise ID of the module. If you look even closer, you may notice that it is identical except for the javascript: prefix in the URL field.

The rule

  • Module URL
    Use the Module URL when the module is being treated as a hyperlink/web link.
  • JS Command
    Use the JS Command for fields that are expecting a JavaScript command, such as the on close/complete fields or the JavaScript menu item type.


  • Close a pop-up
    Use the following syntax javascript:ptiClosePopup(null); or ptiClosePopupLinkClicked(null) and add as a hyperlink in your More Information box. Replace 'null' with the bracketed text from the Module URL field for the module.
  • Navigate to another pop-up
    Copy the text from the URL field for the module you want to link to. It can be added as a hyperlink in a More Information box or pasted into the OnClose Javascript field of the module you want to link from.
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