A 'result' is a pop-up box that is displayed to the reader when they have completed an assessment module. The result is configured to display based on their score.

For example

  • If a reader scores 20, they pass and see the text 'Well done, you have passed!'. 

- If a reader scores 0, they fail and see the text 'Sorry, please try again.'

  • To begin, select the Results tab. 1 result will be displayed to help get you started. You can add or delete a result by selecting the Delete Result or Add Result button.

  • When you click on the title of a result it will expand ready for you to edit the result.

You will notice that the result has some fields that are completed by default. The below instructions will explain how these fields can be amended and configured for an assessment.

For this example, we will set up a Pass result based on the reader achieving a score of 20.

Enter a suitable name for the result.
- For our example will we name the result 'Pass'.

From Score
Enter the minimum score that the reader must achieve to see this result.
- For our example, the minimum score is '20'.

To Score
Enter the maximum score that the reader must achieve to see this result.
- For our example, the maximum score is '20'.

What does the To/From Score mean?
The above example means the reader must score 20 to see the result. If however, we set the From Score to 10 and the To Score to 20, it would mean the reader would see the result if they score between 10 and 20.

Passed drop-down list
Select if the result is Passed, Neutral of Failed. (This can be set as Neutral if you are collecting opinions). In the reporting for the assessment, answers marked as Failed will display as red and those marked as Passed will display as green.
- For our example, 'Passed' has been selected.

Result Content
Select the Result Content button to open a text editor and add a message for your readers to see. The message will display in a pop-up box once they have completed the assessment and achieved the 'result'. Select OK to save the message.
- For our example, we will enter 'Well done, you have passed!'.

The Pass result has now been set up, and for our example, the reader would see the below pop-up box if they score 20.

Because the reader can fail the assessment another result is required. This can be done by selecting Add Result.

The same fields are completed but for our example, they will be configured as follows:

  • Title - enter 'Fail'

  • From Score - enter '10'

  • To Score - enter '10'

  • Passed drop-down list - select 'Failed'

  • Result Content - enter 'Sorry, please try again.'

This means the reader would see the result if they score 10. They would see the below pop-up box.

Result pop-up settings

You can change the appearance

of a result pop-up box by selecting the assessment module on the page, followed by the Settings tab. For example, you may wish to set the border to be red for the Fail result and green for the Pass result.

To do this first check how the results are listed in your module. The first result listed will be 'Result 1 Style' in the Settings tab and the second result listed be 'Result 2 Style'. (and so on if you have more than 2 results).

Our example (above) shows that the Fail result is listed first, which means the border can be set to red for 'Result 1 Style' in the Settings tab. The Pass result is listed second, so the border can be set to green for 'Result 2 Style'.

What is Award Badge and Produce Certificate Content?
You can associate a badge (or certificate) with a result, which is awarded if the reader achieves the result. If the reader can be awarded a certificate and has placeholders to complete (for example, 'department name'), select the Produce Certificate Content button to add content - for example, 'Please enter your department name'. Learn more about Certificates here.


It is possible to add tokens into the Result Content for a result. This will automatically populate with the following:









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