Disable Close can be found in the module settings for selected modules and prevents the reader from closing a pop-up module. To access this section, select a module that you have added to your page followed by the Settings palette.

How does it work?
Disable Close works by removing the cross from the top right corner and stops the pop-up closing if the greyed out area around the popup is clicked.

This effectively makes the pop-up mandatory as it requires the reader to complete a task that allows them to close the pop-up.

How do I set this up?
Select the module, then tick the Disable Close checkbox under Pop-up Style in the Settings palette.

Which modules support Disable Close?
See below for a summary of modules that support disable close and how they can be closed.

Javascript can be used in a hyperlink to:

  • Close a pop-up
    Use the following syntax javascript:ptiClosePopup(null); or ptiClosePopupLinkClicked(null) and add as a hyperlink in your More Information box. Replace 'null' with the bracketed text from the Module URL field for the module.
  • Navigate to another pop-up
    Copy the text from the Module URL field for the module you wish to link to. Add a hyperlink in the More Information box and link to the Module URL.
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