A Style allows you to save a publication’s appearance settings and apply them to multiple publications. You can configure a number of elements that control how your issue is displayed to readers and the functionality available to them.

A publication style can be created in three ways:

  1. Configuring style settings for a publication and saving them as a style.
  2. Navigating to Publications > Settings > Styles and creating one from scratch.
  3. Duplicating an existing style.

Using a style saves time because you can save your settings for one publication and apply it to other publications in your account. This eliminates the need to recreate the settings from scratch every time you create a new publication.

In addition to styles created in your account, there are several public styles that you can try to see how these affect the appearance of your document. These styles are designed to match the public Themes available in the TigerDesigner Layout Library. There are styles designed for every Theme.

A Style is set at publication level and will apply the settings to every issue in a publication. Different styles cannot be applied to individual issues.

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