The next step to setting up certified learning is to create a new badge (Publications > Settings > Badges and Add).

Enter a name for the new badge - for example, Health & Safety Certificate.

If any expiry date placeholders were used in your certificate design, the dates can be entered in the Details section.

Scroll down to the Certificate section to select the required certificate design and complete the following fields:

  • Email to Certificate Address: Entering an email address here will send a copy of the certificate to an inbox of your choice.
  • Email Certificate to User: Choose if the reader will be emailed a copy of their certificate. The following options are available: No/Optional/Required.
  • Enable Download: Ticking this option will enable the reader to download their certificate from their reader account.

A Placeholder section will display if new placeholders were added within your certificate design. The placeholder fields can be completed here if required, for example - if you have created a generic certificate the course title can be input. The fields should be left blank if the reader is required to complete them, for example - 'Department'.

To finish setting up the badge select Save.

Top tip!
When creating a badge there is a Description field. Although not mandatory, adding a description can be useful to help identify the badge and what it is used for.

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