The second step to setting up certified learning is to create a create a new Badge.

Create a new badge

  • Select Documents > Settings.

  • Select Badges.

  • Select Add.

Details section

  • Enter a Name - for example, Fire Procedure Awareness.

  • A Description can be added if needed.

  • If any expiry date placeholders were used in your certificate design, the dates can be entered.

Certificate section

Scroll down to the Certificate section to select your certificate design.

  • Select the folder, document and version:

  • A preview of your certificate will then display.

The following fields can now be completed:

  • Email to Certificate Address:
    Enter an email address to send a copy of the certificate to an inbox of your choice.

  • Email Certificate to User:
    Select if the reader will be emailed a copy of their certificate.

  • Enable Download:
    Tick this option to enable the reader to download their certificate from their reader account.

A Placeholder section will display if new placeholders were added to your certificate design.

The fields should be left blank if the reader is required to complete them.

However, if you have created a generic certificate that you wish to use for multiple assessments, you can complete this field. Anything you enter will be pulled through to the certificate when generated.


Once you are happy with your badge/certificate select the Save button. You are now ready to move into Step three.

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