A Style is set at document level and will apply the settings to every version in a document. Different styles or settings cannot be applied to individual versions.

When you create a new style there are several tabs which can be selected to set various settings. 

  • Document Size
  • Document View
  • Toolbar
  • Background Settings
  • Page Turn Settings

Below is a breakdown of Background Settings.

Here you can choose the settings for the background behind the document.

  • Background colour
    Set a solid background colour.
  • Image
    Upload an image in jpeg, gif or png format to place on top of the background colour set above.
  • Image alignment
    Set the vertical and horizontal position of the image. Note that the image cannot be stretched or scaled, so it will appear actual size at the position set.
  • Image repeat
    Set tile settings for the image. The image can be set to tile across, down, both or not at all.
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