A Style is set at document level and will apply the settings to every version in a document. Different styles or document settings cannot be applied to individual versions.

When you create a new style there are several tabs which can be selected to set various settings. 

  • Document Size
  • Document View
  • Toolbar
  • Background
  • Chart Settings
  • Page Turn

Below is a breakdown of Page Turn:

  • Sound
    Select the sound your document makes when the page turns. Setting this option to None will disable any sound.
  • Speed
    Set how fast the pages of your document turn. This is set on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the slowest and 10 being the fastest.
  • Zoom magnification
    Enable or disable the magnification feature to allow the reader to zoom into the document. Only available for Page Turn animation.
  • Page shadows
    This option enables a page shadow along the gutter.
  • Allow manual page turn
    Enable the ability to turn the pages by dragging the page corners. Not available in Internet Explorer.
  • Remember previous interaction
    Tick the box if you would like previous visit interactions to be taken into account when deciding whether all important interactivity has been completed.
    IMPORTANT - This feature can only used where the identity of the visitor is know so the document must also be secured either using Employee No, Reader Login or Single Sign-On.
  • Auto turn
    Set the time your cover is displayed before automatically turning to the second page of your document. This setting only applies to the cover of your document.

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