To create a new security rule, navigate to Documents > Settings > Security Rules and select Add.

This article will cover the security rule Referral URL:

Use the Referral URL security rule to restrict access to your document based on how the reader was referred it. 

You can specify a number of web pages or domains that the reader should have come from when navigating to the document.

For example, if* was added then a visitor would only be able to view the document if they were referred by a web page on the website.

Typically, this option would be used to ensure that only visitors being referred from a company intranet site would be able to view the document. In this case something similar to* would be entered.

To add a referral URL to the list, enter the URL into the New Referral URL field and select Add.

If you need to delete a Referral URL select it from the Current referral URLs field and click the Delete Selected button.

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