TigerDesigner is the tool used to design an issue. What you can do in it differs based on the type of issue you have created.

Layout Library

Use page layouts or a layout library template containing pre-configured interactivity. Add content into fixed panels and control the appearance using theme. Although restricting some control, layout libraries help to create a consistent, professional looking design. It may be tempting to create a design from scratch, but once you are familiar with it, the layout library can make designing an issue a lot less time-consuming. 

Editable Templates/Blank Design

Have full control of your design and add and manipulate individual panels. Different panel types, settings and palettes are available. 

  • Editable Template
    A design that includes pre-configured interactivity. The panels and interactivity can be edited, added and removed.
  • Blank Design
    A completely blank canvas. Add panels to your design and add interactivity.

Editable templates or blank design are not recommended unless you have advanced design skills.

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