The Inventory is used to manage images and fonts within your account. You can upload images and fonts or buy stock images. 

Navigate to your inventory by selecting the Inventory Tools icon from the left-hand menu in TigerDesigner.

Five options are available:  

  • Inventory
    Manage your images and search the stock library   

  • Upload Images
    Upload images to your inventory  

  • Upload fonts (blank/editable designs only)
    Upload fonts to your inventory (must be Windows TrueType or Windows OTF)  

  • Stock Library
    Open the stock library to search and download images  

  • Checkout
    Purchase stock images or TigerTokens.  


When opened, the inventory will default to the My Images tab. From here you can manage your images and upload new ones by selecting the cog icon, followed by Upload Images. Select the Stock Library tab to search stock images.

My Images tab

Available options from left to right: 

Keyword search
Enter a keyword and select the magnifier to search your images. Select the cross to clear the search

Filter document images
View images that have been uploaded to the document you are viewing or used within it

View flagged images. This can be useful to highlight common images, for example, logos. You can bulk flag (or unflag) images by selecting more than one image followed by the cog icon > Flag/Unflag Selected

Filter stock images
View images that have been downloaded from the stock library.

Stock Library tab

Available options from left to right:

Keyword search
Enter a keyword and select the magnifier to search the stock library. Select the cross to clear the search

Run previous search
Select to run previous searches

Order search results by popular, relevant or recent

Filter by colour
Filter the images by a selected colour

Filter by person
Filter by images containing a person

Filter by widescreen
Filter by images that are widescreen

Filter by landscape
Filter by images that are landscape

Filter by portrait
Filter images that are portrait

Stock images can be used within your design before they have been purchased. When your design is updated, a warning will display listing the non-licensed images in use. Select Purchase Images to buy the images (or purchase TigerTokens). If you do not buy the images a watermark will display on your design.


Each image in your inventory has a thumbnail preview with several options attached

Where available, these are:

  1. Stock image not yet purchased

  2. Image sourced from TigerStock library

  3. See details/properties (see below for more information)

  4. Search similar from TigerStock library

  5. Flag this image

Image details/properties window

When you select the magnifier option (above, 3) you will be provided with further options and information about the image.

From top to bottom, these are:

A short bio about the image. Incidentally, this is the text that is queried when you search your inventory of images. You can edit this description

The filename of the image. You can edit this name

Width and Height
The dimensions of the full quality image in pixels

Source and Image ID
Shows where the image has come from (e.g. Getty Images or ‘Upload’). Where available, the ID field will show a reference number unique to this image

Find Similar Stock
Images For stock images only. Launches a search to find similar images from the stock library

Delete from My Images
Remove this image from your inventory

Download Image
Download this image to your computer. The image will remain in your inventory.

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