Edit and organise the panels in your design using the Layers palette. 

The options available differ based on the type of version you have created:

Layout Library

Select the Contents tab followed by the Layers palette.

Click on a layer to edit it. The options available will be the same as those available when you click a panel in your design to edit, for example, replace an image, edit content.

You cannot move the layers and some are not editable as they will be fixed in the design.

Blank/Editable templates

If you are using a blank or editable template, various options are available, which can help you to organise the panels on your page.

The order of the layers on a page can be rearranged, simply click and drag to move the position. This can also be done by right-clicking on the layer and selecting the required arrangement (for example - Send to Front). 

Further options are available when you right-click a layer:

  • Edit panel name

  • Delete Selected Panels

  • Move to New Layer or change position

  • Copy/paste the settings

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