This option is only available for blank designs/fully editable templates

Select the Copy & Paste menu from the Modify Panel toolbar to reveal a sub menu of options:

  • Copy selected Panels

  • Paste Copied Panels

  • Copy Panel Settings

  • Paste Panel Settings

  • Copy Panel To All Pages

Copy/Paste Panels 

Click the panel you wish to copy, followed by this option. Click Paste Copied Panels to paste the copied panel onto your page. This option also works on multiple selections of panels. You can select more than one panel by clicking a panel followed by the Ctrl key and clicking another panel(s).

Copy/Paste Panel Settings 

These settings can be used to copy settings from one panel to another – bearing in mind that the panels must be the same type.Click the panel that you wish to copy the settings of followed by Copy Panel Settings. Then click the panel that you wish to apply the settings to, followed by Paste Panel Settings. 

Add an image panel and apply a green keyline. Copy and paste the panel setting to another image panel to apply the same green keyline.

Copy Panel To All Pages 

Copying a panel to all pages will create a duplicate of the panel on every page of the current design. This can be useful if you have a company logo that is required on each page. Click the panel you wish to copy followed by Copy Panel To All Pages.

Other modify options:

Delete a panel
Align panels
Distribute panels
Arrange panels

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