The Panels palette is available for blank/fully editable designs only.

Add different panel types, such as text or images, to your design.

The types available are:

Once selected you can move and resize a panel. It will also load the Settings tabs, enabling you to update the panel settings.

Text panel
Ideal for single pieces of text that are not part of a story, such as a headline.

Story panel
Ideal for more complex pieces of text. This type of panel includes a headline, strapline, and body content. Story panels can be connected so content flows between them.

Image panel
Use to add graphic content to your pages, such as photographs or logos.

Shape panel
Use to add areas of block colour or more complex coloured shapes to your page.

List panel
Ideal for repeating lists of text and content and can include an item title, body text, and icon. They can also be used to create buttons.

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Adding a panel

To add a panel, choose an option from the panels palette, then click and drag onto an area on the page. The panel will be created, ready to add content and format. 

Editing a panel

After a panel has been added to the page it can be edited to add/remove content. 

Select the panel to view and select an option:

Text panel

  • Edit text content

  • Clear content

Story panel 

  • Edit text content

  • Clear content

Image panel  

  • Select/ replace image

  • Crop image

  • Resize panel to fit the content

  • Clear image

Shape panel  
No options when selected. All formatting is done in the Settings tab

List panel 

  • Edit list content

  • Clear list content

Resizing a panel

To resize a panel, click and drag the corners to change as required.

Moving a panel

To move a panel, click and drag into position.

Copying/Pasting a panel

To copy a panel, right-click and select Copy Selected Panels. To paste, right-click and select Paste Selected Panels. This action can also be done using the Modify Panel floating toolbar.

Deleting a panel

To delete a panel, right-click and select Delete Selected Panels or select the panel and select delete on your keyboard. This action can also be done using the Modify Panel floating toolbar. This permanently removes the panel and cannot be undone. 

Top tip!
When adding, moving, or resizing a panel you will notice that it will snap to the grid. This helps you align any panels so that everything fits together neatly. This setting can be turned off by selecting Document Tools (second icon from left-hand menu) followed by Grid Settings > un-tick Snap to Grid.

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