The system will default to equal pages like a book, so an additional blank page will be added when you view your document if it has an odd number of pages or is just a single page document.

We recommended adding another page to your design so your document has equal pages. You can add an image/logo or some contact details if you would prefer not to have a blank page.

For single-page documents, the Style that is applied to the publication can be set up to a single page view and without the page turn options. This would then only show one page in the publication.

To set this up you can create a style in Documents > Settings > Styles > Add:



And apply the below settings:

  • Single Page Stretch to Fit - set to 'Stretch to Width and Height'

  • Available Layouts - set to 'Single Pages'

  • Then in the toolbar tab: Paging Option - un-tick this box
  • Side Arrows - set to 'hidden'

Please note - if you have more than one version under a document this style will be applied to all of those versions. However, if this is the case then the best thing to do is to move the document version into a new document on its own - check out the article here about moving a version.

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