TigerGenius is a simple way to share content across an organisation without losing control of your brand and the key messages you want to convey.

Departments can create a new document and customise content, including locking the elements that can be personalised.

This means that individual teams can create a range of content, but with management in control of the changes those colleagues can make.

What is needed to use TigerGenius?

This type of user has a PageTiger User licence. They have full access to PageTiger and can create and design documents and add interactive content. Their role allows them to create TigerKits and assign them to a TigerGenius User(s). 

TigerGenius User
This type of user has a PageTiger TigerGenius User licence. They have access to TigerGenius only and can use the TigerKits that have been assigned to them. TigerKits enable them to create content quickly and efficient in a matter of clicks.

Did you know?
If you do not have any TigerGenius User licences, the users in your account can still use TigerGenius by clicking the Genius option from the main menu.

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