Create a new document and configure the TigerGenius Settings before setting it as a TigerKit. 

Create a new document

From the homepage select Create Document, followed by TigerDesigner and create your new document.

Add content and TigerGenius Settings 

In the Design tab of your document select a panel followed by TigerGenius Settings.

Tick the areas of the panel that you would like to be editable to a TigerGenius User.

In the below example the strapline of a story panel has been selected so the TigerGenius User can input the name of a new starter. Enter a Title and Description to help make it easier for your TigerGenius User when they are completing the fields in TigerGenius.

Add interactivity and TigerGenius Settings 

You can add interactive modules by selecting the Interactivity tab. Currently web links, iFrames and file downloads can be made editable to an TigerGenius User in TigerGenius.

To make a module editable in TigerGenius, select it followed by the TigerGenius Settings option from the fly-out menu. 

In the below example a Download PDF File module has been set as editable, so the TigerGenius User can upload a PDF when they use the TigerKit.

Add settings 

Add finishing touches, such as a Style or Security Rule. In the below example a Style has been created and applied, which gives the document an on-brand toolbar.

If you need to create a new setting select Documents followed by Settings from the main menu. Settings can then be applied to n the Manage DOcumentpage. Simply select the tab followed by an option from the drop-down list. 

Set as TigerKit 

Once you have designed your document it is ready to be set as a TigerKit. 

To begin, select the Manage Version, followed by TigerKit Settings.

  • Tick the TigerKit checkbox. 

  • Enter a suitable name and description for your kit - this is important as it will make it much easier when an TigerGenius User uses it.

In the publishing section you can choose if you would like an TigerGenius User to be able to publish a document in TigerGenius or if you would like it to be automatically published. Simply tick the checkbox.

Any settings that you have applied will be listed here as read-only. These settings will always be applied when the TigerKit is used by an TigerGenius User.

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