Authors can be added by the Lead Administrator on an account. Once created, the author can log in and begin creating PageTiger documents and version.

Add an author 

Select My Account from the main menu, followed by Users. 

Select the Authors tab where you will see any existing authors listed. 

Select Add to add a new author.

Enter the email address of the author and choose or add a Folder. It is recommended that you create a Folder for each author.

Configure TigerKit permissions 

Tick the TigerKit that you would like to share with the author from the TigerKit Permission section and save.

Author notification 

Once saved, the author will be notified by email and the TigerKit will be ready for them to use in TigerGenius.

Author impersonation

Lead administrators can impersonate an author if they need to view/edit an issue that they have created in TigerGenius.

Select My Account from the main menu, followed by Users. Select the Authors tab followed by 'Login' for the author you wish to impersonate.

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