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Log in at https://admin.pagetiger.com/.

You will need your account number, email address and password.

Create a new issue 

From the homepage, select Create.

The TigerKits available to you will display.

Selecting Preview will display a preview of the TigerKit.

Click Use this kit to create a new issue using your chosen TigerKit.

Add the issue to a new or existing publication.

Enter an issue name.

Start customising! 

After selecting continue, you will be prompted to complete any editable panels or interactivity. For example, changing text or uploading a PDF. 

Any fields that need completing will have a name and description and clicking on a field will highlight where the change will be made in the issue.

Example 1
Enter employee name.

The preview will update to display any changes that you make.

Example 2

Upload a PDF copy of the employee offer.

Once you are happy with your customisation, select Finish to generate the new issue. 

Manage issue 

This page will display once your issue has finished being generated. 

Temporary link
The option to create a temporary link is always available. Choose an option from the drop-down list and a link will generate. Select the copy icon to copy the link ready to distribute.

Edit Issue (available if issue is unpublished)
Select this button to make further changes to your issue.

View issue
Select this button to view your issue.

View reports
Select this button to view the reporting for your issue.

Manage issue

  • Rename
    Select to change the name of your issue.
  • Publish (available if issue is unpublished and will depend on TigerKit permissions)
    Select to publish your issue and make it live. Once selected a link will generate and can be copied by selecting the copy icon.
  • Delete (available if issue is unpublished)
    Select to delete your issue. Important: deleting an issue cannot be undone.
  • Unpublish (available if issue is published)
    Select to unpublish your issue

What happens after I have created a publication/issue in TigerGenius?

When you next log in to TigerGenius, any publications you have created will be listed on the homepage. 

Select the publication to manage it and view/edit the issues within it.

New issues can still be created by selecting the create button.

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