Receive instant notifications when a visitor interacts with your content. It's the perfect solution to allow you to respond quickly and decisively to reader interaction. 

To set up a notification:

  • Select Documents from the main menu followed by Settings
  • Select Notifications
  • Select the Add button
  • The following section can then be completed:

Enter a name for your notification

Output Format
Select the format that you would like your email notification to be displayed in:

will display in plain text

Use if you wish to integrate with a computer system

Use if you wish to integrate with a computer system

will display in rich text

Email Address
Enter the email address that you would like the email notification to be sent to.

Email Subject
Enter a subject for your email notification

When this box is ticked the notification is enabled. Un-ticking this box will prevent any further notifications being sent.

Select this option to hide the notification, preventing it from being used in further version. Versions already using the notification will be unaffected.

  • Select the Save button to save your notification.

Next steps

You can now apply your notification for:

  • Version view
  • Page view
  • Module interaction
  • Poll answer
  • Assessment answer and/or result

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