Find out more about each area highlighted on the image below:

Mailing Name
The name of your mailing will display here and can be edited if needed.

Select who your mailing will be sent from using the drop-down list. If you wish to add a new email address, select the Add button.  An email verification will be sent to the new email address so it can be verified for use within TigerMailer.

Important note:
When a mailing is sent, the email address in the 'sender' field will use the domain This is because TigerMailer does not have permission to send from your organisations email domain, causing the email to be blocked. However, if the recipient replies it will go to the email address that was entered as the sender.

How the email will appear when you send your mailing:

How the email will appear if the recipient replies to the mailing:

We would advise contacting your IT team who will be able to whitelist the email domain, to ensure any emails are received.

Select the list of email addresses you would like to send your mailing to. The list in the drop-down list is populated using any Expected Visitor lists you have created. If you wish to create an adhoc list select the Edit button. 20 email addresses be added when this option is chosen.

Enter a subject for your email campaign - for example, 'Interview Pack' or 'Monthly Newsletter'. This is the text that will appear in the subject heading of the email that is sent from TigerMailer.

Edit in Email Builder
Select the Edit in Email Builder button to begin design your mailing. Simply click and drag the email blocks you wish to use onto your workspace.

You can begin adding content and customising the appearance:

Click the text area of a block to enter your text.

Click an image block to add your choice of image.

Images used in your issue can be added into your mailing or you can choose a page design. Once you have chosen an image click the Replace Image button. The image can be cropped if needed.

Click a button to set the link properties.

  • Pick from a selection of colours to choose the appearance of the button.

  • Select the page you wish to link to or manually enter a URL.

  • Select Update Link.

Block options
Hover over a block for the following options:

  • Delete panel
    Click to remove the panel from your email.

  • Block colour
    Click to change the colour of the block.

  • Move
    Click and drag to adjust where your panel sits.

Watch an overview of TigerMailer below:

Send Test Email
Click this button to send a test email to an email address of your choice. 

Finish Later
If you wish to save and come back to your mailing at a later date, select the Finish Later button. To return to your mailing select TigerMailer from the main menu followed by Search.

When you are happy with your design select Save and Continue. You are then ready to send your email campaign. 

Click here to find out how to send a mailing.

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