If your readers are required to log in to view your document, but you do not wish to see their personal data (email address) you can anonymise the analytics.

  • Navigate to Documents > Settings > Analytics and select Add.
  • Enter a name for new analytics setting in the Details tab.
  • Next select the Anonymise Analytics tab.
  • Then tick the Anonymise Analytics checkbox.

This will anonymise all email addresses captured by PageTiger's Analytics and Experience API (XAPI). 

Please note: Google Analytics does not capture email addresses.

Once you have saved, the new setting it can be applied to your document.

To do this, navigate to document settings for your document and select the Analytics tab.

  • Select Manage for the document from the homepage
  • Select the Analytics tab
  • Select the new analytics setting, followed by Save.

An example of anonymised data is below:

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