To begin, open the Interactivity of your document (Manage > Interactivity).

Look out for the wand icon

This is what you need to select if you wish to set up interactivity automation. It can be found in the fly-out menu when clicking on a piece of interactivity on your page.

'Add Automation' button

After the wand icon has been selected, click the 'Add Automation' button.

'Settings' section

A pop-up box will then display and the automation can be created.

Event - when the automation will happen
Delay - the number (in seconds) to delay the automation
Action - the action you wish to take when the automation runs
On page - the page that the interactivity you are automating is on

Note: different options may be available depending on the type automation.


The below example shows that a video file will play with no delay, after a More Information pop-up box is closed.

Let's break it down

We want the automation to...

  1. run when the pop-up box is closed.
  2. run with no delay.
  3. play a video.
  4. play a video that has been added to page 10-11 of the document
    (note: a pop-up video has been added onto page 10 and positioned off-page).
  5. play the video file called 'Video of Big Ben'.
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