When you design a mailing, the 'From' email address can be selected as shown below.

If you wish to add a new email address, select the Add button. An email verification will then be sent to the new email address so it can be verified for use within TigerMailer.

Important note:
When a mailing is sent, the email address in the 'sender' field will use the domain @tigermailer.com. This is because TigerMailer does not have permission to send from your organisations email domain, causing the email to be blocked. However, if the recipient replies it will go to the email address that was entered as the sender.

How the email will appear when you send your mailing:

How the email will appear if the recipient replies to the mailing:

We would advise contacting your IT team who will be able to whitelist the @tigermailer.com email domain, to ensure any emails are received.

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