Child Accounts are separate from the 'main’ account, however, the Account Owner for the Parent Account can allocate items to a Child Account, effectively sharing these with them.

Items that can be shared with a Child Account include:

  • Domains

  • Menus

  • Tags

  • Styles

  • Analytics

  • Security rules

  • Badges

  • Notifications

  • Templates

  • TigerKits

Sharing Items

To share items with a Child Account, log into your PageTiger account and select My

Account > Users:

Select the 'Child Accounts' tab to view the Child Accounts and users beneath your Parent Account:

To share an item, select the item you want to share and you will be directed to the 'Permissions' page for that item.

Please note, you can only share items with Child Accounts if you are the Account Owner of the Parent Account.


To share a Template select 'Templates':

You can then select to give permission for the Child Account users to be able to create documents within their account using that template:

Once you have chosen which templates you wish to share, select save and the items will be shared with the Child Account.

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