As you are an Account Owner, you have permission to make changes such as removing or adding a user within your account.

How to remove a user

  • Log into your PageTiger account

  • Select 'My Account > Users'

  • Select 'Edit' for a user

  • Select 'Delete' to remove their access

How to add a new user

  • Select 'Add' to add a new user

  • Enter the new user's email address and name

  • You can also choose the 'Account Type' which defines the level of access the new user will have - find more information on different types of user here

  • Lastly, select to save your changes


You must be the Account Owner to make these changes within your account. Additionally, you can only make these types of changes within your own account and/or any child accounts sitting beneath your parent account. Find more information surrounding account terminology here.

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