To create a menu, navigate to Documents > Settings > Menus and select Add.

To get started enter a name for your menu in the Details section followed by the Save button at the bottom of the page. 

A menu structure section will then display (the menu will default to black but this can be changed) and you can start to add menu item types by selecting Add New. 

Find out more about menu item types here.

Menu settings can be configured, such as background and text colour.

Full instructions and a breakdown for setting up a menu can be found below:

  • Name
    Specify a name for the menu. This field is required.

  • Description
    Optional description text.

  • Default
    Set whether this menu should be automatically assigned to new documents.

  • Hidden
    Prevent this menu from being selected again in future by making it unavailable. Any documents using the menu will be unaffected. The menu can still be edited and unhidden at any time.

  • Background Colour
    Set the main colour of the menu. If no colour is selected, the toolbar colour from the document's style/appearance settings will be used.

  • Hover/Selected Colour
    Select a hover colour for menu items. This colour will show when the reader hovers over or touches the menu item.

  • Text Colour
    Specify the colour of the text in the menu. This colour is the same for static and hovered/selected menu items. 

Top tip!
Ensure your chosen text colour is legible over the background and hover colour of all your menu items.

  • Submenu Arrows
    If ticked the drop-down/fly-out submenu items will include graphical arrows to indicated that the menu item contains a submenu. 

  • Submenu Colouring
    This option can be used to subtlety change the background colour of the drop-down/fly-out submenu. 

  • Top Level Separators
    Tick this to add separators line between each of the top level menu items. 

  • Submenu Separators
    Tick this to add separators line between each submenu item.

  • Separator Colour
    Choose the colour to be used from all menu item separators.

Create your menu in this section. 

A preview of your menu will load and you can select the Add New button to add menu items. 

Once selected the menu item page will open.

Configure the following settings here:

  • Name
    Name the menu item, this is also the text that will be displayed in the button.

  • Description
    Add an optional description.

  • Type
    Select the type of menu item you would like to use. For more information on what item types are available, click here.

  • Order
    Specify the position of this item in the menu/submenu. Entering a new number in the order field will only update the order number for this menu item. Other items will not update. Having two items in a menu/submenu with the same number may yield unexpected results.

  • Background Colour
    Set the background colour for this menu item. If no colour is selected, the menu item will not override the menu background colour set.

  • Hover Colour
    Set the hover colour for this menu item. This will override the hover colour set for the whole menu.

  • Hidden
    Remove this item from the menu. This does not permanently delete the item.

Select Save to add the menu item to your menu.

Top tip!
A menu item can be reviewed and edited by selecting it from the menu. You can also delete an existing menu item, but please note there is no undo feature for this action.

Create from an existing menu

If you would like to create a derivative of an existing menu, select Edit for the menu you would like to duplicate and use the Save As feature at the bottom of the edit screen. Specify a unique name and select Save As.

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